Master of Cinema Award Presentation with Kartemquin Films

Master of Cinema Award Presentation with Kartemquin Films


Kartemquin Films is a renowned non-profit documentary film production company based in Chicago, Illinois. With more than 45 years of experience, Kartemquin honors a tradition of nurturing emerging talent in order to be the leading voice in independent media. They are dedicated to revealing and critiquing society through the powerful stories of real people. Some of their most successful films include Hoop Dreams (1994), The Interrupters (2011) and the PBS miniseries The New Americans (1995).

Established in 1966 by founders Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal, Kartemquin Films has been home to many independent mediamakers looking to enact social change through filmmaking. Kartemquin’s first film, Home for Life, is a powerful chronicle of two elderly people entering a home for the aging. It established the direction the organization would take over the next four decades. With a record number of films currently in development and production, Kartemquin is poised to continue this legacy for years to come.

A proud recipient of one of eight international 2007 MacArthur Awards for Creative and Effective Institutions, Kartemquin has been described by the Chicago Reader as a “documentary powerhouse.” In addition, the company has been honored with the Chicago Film Critics Association’s Big Shoulders Award for outstanding service to the film community and the world, as well as the 2010 Altgeld Freedom of Speech Award for “unflinchingly holding up a mirror to American society.”

This year, RiverRun is proud to present Kartemquin Films’ The Trials of Muhammad Ali, a story that covers Ali’s toughest bout: his battle to overturn a five year prison sentence for refusing U.S. military service in Vietnam. RiverRun is pleased to present its 2014 Master of Cinema Award to Kartemquin Films at approximately 8:30pm following the screening of The Trials of Muhammad Ali at Farrell Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University. Scheduled to attend to speak about the company’s history and accept the award on behalf of Kartemquin are: Justine Nagan, Kartemquin’s Executive Director; Gordon Quinn, the company’s Founder and Artistic Director, and frequent Kartemquin collaborators Steve James and Peter Gilbert.  This event is FREE and open to the public.

Kartemquin Films
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